Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Thought for today

Following a really interesting session with one of my coaching clients, I wanted to put 'pen to paper' and just say a little bit about the joy of coaching professionals who work in sport.

As a Sport Psychologist and founder of the first specified NLP training company for Sport, I find myself increasing using my experience and knowledge working with coaches in both Sport and Business to help them develop their personal and professional skills so that they achieve more of what's possible in their lives and careers.  This is a 'slight' departure from the more athlete focused psychology work, however I get a real buzz out of working this way, as people have an enormous capacity for change and adaptation, which never fails to amaze and delight me.

Sport professionals in particular seem to intuitively understand the importance of 'working on self development', and maybe this stems from having played sport at a high level themselves - that strive to better themselves, bit by bit, area by area until we get to the more 'rounded package'. 

Challenging our clients is what we do, and in sport, this is desired, expected and demanded as these are the things that force us out of our comfort zones and into the area for change. 

But it's not just sport that demands this too - those working for performance in business want to be challenged into change too, and by embracing self development as a concept for change, being an elite performer in business is there for the taking ....

So, I guess my thought for today is 'why sit on your backside getting in the way of freedom, when you can experience the joy of life through flying by the seat of your pants'?